Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Phase IV-B of the Indian Creek Community (also known as Monterey Villas)

Our neighborhood consists of 71 attached villa homes with garages. We are somewhat unique in that there is
NO common property in Monterey Villas. All of the lawns and grassy areas are owners’ property.
We are governed by a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) where membership is automatic with the purchase of
a home. A Board of Directors, elected annually by the membership, administers the rules and regulations of
the HOA. (Please see the website for a complete listing of RULES AND

All Board members are volunteers who live in the neighborhood. The Board meets monthly (January through
May and September through November). There are no meetings during the summer or in December. All
owners are welcome and encouraged to attend the Board Meetings. Time and venue are always posted at
the entrance to the neighborhood prior to the meeting.

Campbell Property Management is the agency which assists the Board in carrying out the day-to-day
operations of community business.

Association living can be confusing for those who are not used to living in a HOA environment. We offer the
following answers to common questions to help you understand the basic HOA functions. Please refer to the
documents on our website for specific items, or if you have questions or
concerns contact Campbell Property Management, 561-203-7910 (email

Why is it important for the Board to have UPDATED HOMEOWNER INFORMATION?

The HOA Board and/or Campbell Property Management often need to disseminate information to owners. It
is therefore very important that all owners reach out ANNUALLY (or as necessary) to make sure we have your
current address, telephone number and email address. Although all official correspondence will be
provided to owners by mail, the most cost-effective way to get the word out to all owners is via email
so current emails are needed. To update your contact information, please contact Campbell Property
Management, 561-203-7910.

Prospective Owners must complete the Purchase and Rental Information Sheet (on
prior to taking occupancy of a Unit. This is for information and emergency purpose. Please keep this
information current.

What does the BOARD OF DIRECTORS do?

The Rules and Regulations and other policies have been put in place to ensure that our neighborhood stays an
attractive, safe, comfortable place to live. The HOA Board is obligated by law to make sure it enforces the
documents and makes decisions consistently and fairly for all of the property owners. It is the owner’s
responsibility to know the Rules and Regulations and to follow them. Owners also must make sure any
renters adhere to our documents.

The Board also prepares, approves and oversees the budget. Monies from the Quarterly Assessment Fees are
used to pay the Property Management, Landscaping, and for the upkeep of the neighborhood (e.g. recent
improvements include painting the villas, installing new mailboxes, cleaning the French drains, etc.).
Board of Directors are all volunteers. They are elected annually. All owners are encouraged to take an
active role in our community, and the best way to do that is to attend Board meetings and consider joining
the Board or committees.

Very Important Meetings (Held at Night): Annual meeting in January, Budget meeting in November


Quarterly Assessment Fees are due January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.

Owners can pay using the Coupon Book, which is sent to you annually or sign-up for Automatic Deduction
from your checking account. Questions? Contact Susan Kalbing, Accounting Department, Inc., or 561-747-5503.

Late payments: At end of month (January, April, July, October), an account is delinquent and owner is
notified. Interest and additional administrative fees will accrue from the 1 st day of non-payment of
assessment. After missing two quarterly Assessment payments, the owner’s account will be handed over
to an Attorney for collection.

What is included in Assessment Fee? Comcast XfINITY provides bulk cable for TV. Premium channels can be
added and billed directly to you by contacting Comcast directly. For a complete list of items covered by
the Assessment Fees, see the BUDGET that was mailed to you before the November Board meeting.

What is the schedule for GARBAGE pick-up?

Wednesdays and Saturdays are garbage days. Set out time is 7:00am.
Wednesdays: Yard waste, recycling* and garbage
Saturdays: Yard waste and garbage ONLY
Please put garbage cans/recycling bins inside and out of site after pick-up.
*RECYCLING: Blue Bin: Aluminum cans, pie plates and foil, drink boxes, milk, juice cartons,
brown, green, clear glass (no lids), plastics with a recycling number on the bottom. Yellow Bin: newspapers,
magazines, catalogues, clean corrugated boxes (flattened), brown paper bags. PLEASE NO PLASTIC BAGS!

What is the schedule for LAWN maintenance?

The landscaper is responsible for mowing all lawns in the neighborhood. They also trim shrubs, weed, edge
and fertilize the grass. Any special work you need done can be performed by the landscaper for an additional
fee by contacting them directly (Sago Landscaping Management, 561-747-8872) or making arrangements with
a landscaper of your choice.


Landscaping work is performed on Thursdays – Weather Permitting. Please make sure the lawn areas
are clear of items that would interfere with mowing.

During Winter: Mowing lawn EVERY 2 WEEKS. Shrub trimming and weeding ONCE A MONTH
During Summer: Mowing lawn EVERY WEEK. Shrub trimming and weeding EVERY OTHER WEEK.

When do the SPRINKLERS go on?

Lawns are automatically watered via in-ground sprinklers. Sprinklers go on from approximately 1:00 am-5:00
am, traveling around the 3-4 zones approximately 5 days a week. If we are in a drought, the schedule is
changed in number of days and time.

Please report any concerns/malfunctions to Campbell Property Management.

What is the PET policy?

One (1) dog of any size OR two (2) dogs up to a total of forty (40) pounds, one (1) cat and no more than four
(4) birds. No other pets are permitted.
Dogs must be kept on a lease at all times and the pet owner MUST REMOVE dog excrement from any area.
PLEASE walk your dog as close to the street as possible, keeping off your neighbors’ lawns. THERE IS
NO COMMON PROPERTY IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD (therefore walking dogs between villas, or on
any part of the grass is walking on your neighbors’ private property!)

What is the CAR/PARKING policy?

No more than three (3) vehicles are allowed per villa (and ONLY if there is a double driveway). One vehicle
must be parked in the garage. NO vehicles may be parked on the street overnight, and NO vehicle may block
the sidewalk or driveway at any time-- Vehicles will be towed off-site at the vehicle owner’s expense.
Exception: #175 Moccasin Trail North has a long driveway and the room to park more cars on this property.

Can changes be made to the EXTERIOR of the villa and grounds?

No exterior changes to the villa and grounds are allowed unless approved in advance by
the Architectural Control Committee. Any proposed exterior change must be submitted to the Architectural
Control Committee and, once approved, to the Town of Jupiter Building Department for conformance with
current building codes. (see for Architectural Review Application)

The HOA arranges and pays for painting of the stucco and trim on each villa home approximately every 8-9
years. Owners who may need to touch-up their homes during the 8-9 years can purchase paint at Benjamin
Moore’s store in Chasewood. The store knows which paint color owners need, once the store is told if owner
needs grey or brown paint for Monterey Villa.

Wood repairs and replacements and other repairs to the home are the owner’s responsibility.

Can FLAGS/BANNERS be displayed?

Only American Flags/American Military flags are allowed by STATE statute. No banners are allowed.